Do you want to know the best kept secret in the wedding industry.............
We do more than just flowers



We are beauty seekers. We listen to your vision and your story. We are memory makers. We are dreamers. We are innovators, we are tireless supporters of creating a wedding that goes beyond your dreams. What do you want for your wedding? Do you want pretty flowers at a budget price? Or do you want heartstopping beauty, innovative design, a wedding that makes your guests gasp and your eyes tear. Do you want to walk down the aisle and into your reception and be amazed and have the same feeling you have when you look into your beloved’s eyes. This is right, this is what I wanted, this was worth it, this is what I have been waiting for, and this is so much more than I could have ever dreamed…….....


That’s what love is right? It’s something more than we ever imagined. 


We want you to feel that same way about your wedding. We want you to fall in love with everything about your celebration, from the excitement, nervousness and anticipation when we first connect and start the design process together to the day after your wedding when you wake up and you can’t believe it happened, and you are filled with the wonder of it all. 


We create extraordinary design that is filled with heart, passion, artistic vision, tenacity and most of all love. Because weddings are a celebration of LOVE! Because we love what do, we don’t show up and make pretty flowers, we put every fiber of our being, spend every waking minute into creating design for your wedding that is exceptional, that creates not just a beautiful event, but a journey that we curate for you and your guests that leaves you with the experience of a lifetime.  


Are you ready to make the investment that is the difference between pretty and mind blown?

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